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Providing expert Audio Visual setups around Sydney. If you’re after a dedicated theatre installation or looking to design a multi-purpose room including a theatre, then why not have it custom designed to meet your needs and budget.

Home Tech Automation delivers the very best home theatre installation, taking into account everything that you need. We understand the intricate functions of theatre systems and can devise a set up that suits your home’s needs.

We can custom design your home theatre.

A skilled and experienced technician at Home Tech Automation can handle working with a range of equipment, from 16:9 wall mount television to full cinemascope 2:3:5 widescreen projection. To ensure the best home theatre set up possible, we work with your builder to co-ordinate pre-cabling, acoustic materials installation, fit-off and final installation.

We are servicing all areas of Sydney.

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We custom design your home or office space

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