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Home Tech Automation is here to assist you in the home or office with the following IT and Networking services in all areas of Sydney. All computers require regular maintenance to ensure trouble free use. It is not just business computers that require maintenance, it is just as important to keep your home PC serviced and maintained regularly to help reduce the risk of data loss due to viruses.

Each computer constantly changes; software is updated, new applications are installed and storage is being used – each one of these changes could potentially cause a problem.

Computers connected to networks such as the Internet, wireless networks or business networks are exposed to the additional risks posed by poor security. 

Home Tech Automation can limit attacks/breaches to your local network at your home or office. We can also implement devices like Trend Micro Network Security to protect you, your staff or children from external attacks, and setup screen time, time of day usage and /or blocking most websites if required.

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